Blogger Of The Month: Danish Mughal from Pakium

Today, I introduce to you our new section in blog where we are going to conduct Interviews of Bloggers to know their secrets more about their life and how they started their blog and became leading in the industry and I am going start it from The Founder and Chief Editor of Pakium.comDanish Mughal. He has been blogging for long time; let’s see how his blog journey was.


1. No need for Introduction, Danish Mughal is a well known name in Music Industry and Blogging but still our readers would like to know more about you.

Thanks for the compliments; well I am just another guy who earns his living through his websites and online ventures. is one successful blog of mine, where I work as a Blogger, editor, developer and almost at every possible and required position.

2. When did you started your Blogging Journey and How?

I guess back in 2006 when I installed a CMS called PHP Nuke on It was a complete website management script and I loved it as I hardly knew FULL HTML but I installed and learned the script quite easily. In those early days, I used to promote and introduce new Underground Pakistani Bands on my blog. That was not actual blogging; you can however call them “mini-blogs”, as they usually consisted of Band’s bio and some other details about them.

3. What inspired you to promote Pakistan Music Industry?

Well, I guess the infiltration of more Bollywood content into our media outlets forced me to promote Pakistan Music Industry. Inspirations came from old and vanished sites like Karachi Underground, Sangeet Records, Underground Media Revolution and PakMusic.

Actually, before 2003 I also used to listen Bollywood Songs I wasn’t even a big fan of local Pakistani Music but one day I downloaded Jal’s Aadat from a music website and it changed pretty much everything. I loved the track so much that I started diving more into local underground music scene. Sites like UMRevolution and J4jumpy used to introduce new bands those days, I was one among their site’s cult following. Later, they went down slowly and came into existence.

5. What difficulties you got in start to promote your blog.

No difficulties as such, as I was already into that “underground music” community. I was connected to various underground musicians through orkut communities. Since it wasn’t about getting traffic and making money out of it so I was OKAY with even 100 visitors coming on my site each day. The blog was promoting naturally.

6. How many people are in your team. and their tasks or designation

Over the period of team, many friends and people have contributed to my main blog To mention the prominent ones, there is Raja Yasir who has been Administrator on for long, then I have Waqas Sarwar who is a site coordinator and connects us with new bands and brings scoop from the local industry. Ata Shaikh is currently the admin of and responsible for releasing new songs and music videos, that is submitted to us. Other than these folks, there are countless people who have contributed to Pakium to some extent.

You can see complete list of their team here: Pakium Team 

7. What are your future plans about Blogging?

As the blogging field is still evolving, I am still learning about it as much as I can. Each day you learn new techniques and ways to blog, so there is still much we have to explore in this industry. My future plans have more blogs, internet start-ups with some unique ideas powered mostly by Web 2.0 structure. This time I want to blog or create something for global audience and would like to make it an international success.

8. What do you think blogging can make a perfect career or no?

It is a perfect career! Provided you “understand the game” and do not blog for an overnight success. Blogging is a long term strategy, and bloggers must have a credibility and consistency in their work field before they take it up as a career. I would recommend newbie bloggers not to make it their Career instantly and do not do blogging full-time. Complete your education and study first and do blog about your interests in spare time. Later once you find your interest in certain niche and become an authority on the topic, you will be on the Road to success, where each day will be full of pleasant surprises.

9. Do you think Pakistan music industry has potential to take on the world?

Yes, it definitely has and Coke Studio has just proved that. It is currently not just watched by Desi Audience but also by many musicians and music lovers worldwide. Other than that, Pakistani Artistes have also made quite a good repute in Bollywood Industry. Singers like Rahat fateh Ali Khan, Atif Aslam and Ali Zafar are known worldwide for their melodious songs.

10. Any message you’d like to give to new bloggers and your fans?

My message is simple, BLOG daily and consistently, and learn new things each day, you will find the way to success Insha Allah.

So, here’s all from Mr. Danish Mughal I hope you people got to know more about him and how he long his journey has been from beginner to being a professional blogger it’s all about how much effort we put and passion towards work and taking it seriously anyways. I’ll continue with more interviews and reviews of website to get success stories of leading blogs as well as young ones too.

If you have any questions regarding the interview or have any question from Mr. Danish I am sure he’d be glad to answer. Feel free to comment

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